You Can’t Make This Up!

The Mensch was at lunch recently with some Romeos, retired old men eating out, when the conversation turned to New York City. All of the Romeos had grown up in or near New York and the memories were coming fast and furious: the subways, bagels, Broadway, dirty-water dogs, the people.

Bob, 81, and the oldest man at the table, talked about his father’s business creating signs, banners and flags. He started the business in 1916 and sold it twice in the 1970’s.
The business had moved several times in Manhattan and mostly stayed on the East Side.

The Mensch offered his two cents that one of his oldest friends was in the flag and banner business in New York. When Bob said he had done a college paper on his father’s business, Ace Banner and Flag Company, the Mensch almost needed the Heimlich maneuver.
“Bob, my friend’s business is Ace Banner and Flag!”.

The Mensch pulled out his cell phone and called his friend. “Carl, I’m at lunch with Bob Lovinger”. “I bought Ace Banner from John Lovinger in 1974”. “Carl, meet John’s son, Bob.”

On Wednesday, March 26, 2014, the Mensch brought Bob and Carl together for lunch in Charleston, SC to talk about Ace Banner and Flag.  Bob brought along the original college paper he wrote in 1952 describing how Ace Banner and Flag was started in 1916 by his father, John Lovinger, as the Durable Sign Company.

Bob read the paper out loud and shared side comments throughout.  When Bob left, the waiter and waitress wanted to know what was going on having heard snippets of the conversation.

The Mensch explained that his friend of 50 plus years was meeting the son of the original owner of his business as a result of the Mensch moving to South Carolina. How you ask?

Jane befriended Mrs. Mensch in the mystery book club and invited the Mensch’s to lunch with her husband, Bob.  Bob introduced the Mensch to the Romeos including Bob Lovinger.

Is it a six degrees of separation story or a circle story: Mensch & Carl – 1962; Mrs. Mensch & Jane 2012; Romeos and Mensch – 2013; Mensch & Bob L & Carl – 2014.

Here’s the link to: Ace Banner.

Absolutely Amazing!



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