70 is the New 65 – Part II

The Mensch no sooner published his little piece about 70 being the new 65, then up pops an article in the Credit Union Times, http://www.cutimes.com/2013/10/22/retirement-at-70-or-not-at-all-survey?ref=hp, about a new survey from Swiss Re. Oh, Swiss Re is a multinational reinsurance company based in, you guessed it, Switzerland.

It appears that 19% of American surveyed expect to be working until they are 70.  But does that mean 81% expect not to be working at 70?

The Mensch has to assume that the 19% who expect to be working at 70 do not see it as a good thing.  They probably don’t realize what the Mensch pointed out in the first 70 is the new 65 article,  Social Security is maximized at 70.  What a deal: retirement income from a 401(k), maybe some investment income and a pension along with Social Security maximum at age 70.  Stay in good health and enjoy it!


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