Bordeaux: Wine and Research

There is nothing the Mensch enjoys more than a complex red Bordeaux with a T-bone steak grilled to a medium pink interior and a side of pommes frites, those gorgeously golden French fries in a paper cup.  Now Bordeaux has given the Mensch another reason to appreciate the French.

A French researcher from the Bordeaux School of Public Health has published a paper that documents a decrease in the chances of developing dementia the longer a person stays in the workforce.  She provides a compelling reason to delay retirement and/or stay busy in retirement.  Analysis showed that the risk of being diagnosed with dementia was lower for each year of working longer.  To say it another way, the longer one worked, the lower the chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Mental stimulation is thought to be a preventive measure to slow the onset of dementia, according to this French researcher. She suggests that social stimulation and professional engagement are two things that retirees can do to ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

For mental stimulation the Mensch recommends gardening, the JUMBLE puzzle, ballroom dancing and poker. For social stimulation, there are bridge clubs, church groups, or  cooking classes.  Off course, a person could always delay retirement if their employer is amenable.  If you’re already retired, then a new career or a re-purposing of life is a possibility.  Maybe a new college degree or bartender school or piano lessons?
I’m thinking the Mensch needs a river cruise in France through Bordeaux where the vineyards offer wine tastings and tours with those French vineyard owners who never retired.

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