Hot Dog Buns

A guy goes out for hot dog buns and comes home with $399 million. Where but in America can that happen?  The PowerBall lottery had not had a winner for several weeks and the prize had steadily increased. Last year, the PowerBall lottery lowered the odds of winning the grand prize to 175 million to one. They also raised the ticket price to $2.

On September 18, an man in Columbia, South Carolina went to the gas station with a convenience store. His wife called and asked him to buy hot dog buns. When he went into the store, he saw the advertisement for PowerBall. He bought ten tickets for $20. The store had no hot dog buns. On Thursday morning he checked the tickets and found himself richer by $399 million! Now he could afford to shop at 7 -11, buy hot dog buns, hot dogs and mustard!

Do not despair. The MegaMillions lottery is changing its formula for the big prize. The new version will require that a player choose five correct numbers out of seventy-five, 5/75, and one out of fifteen, 1/15, on a separate grid. The odds of having 5/75 and 1/15 are over 258 million to one.  Actually it is one in 258,890,850.  Ticket price stays the same at $1.

My advice is to ignore the lottery and save your money for your old age.  The odds are against you.  However, if you ever find yourself out shopping for hot dog buns and there are none in the store, buy a clutch of lottery tickets and wait for tomorrow.

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